As a holiday treat, we've put together a list of some of our most popular blog posts from this year. Enjoy!

10. In February, Peter Stockland interviewed Anne Leahy, Canada's former ambassador to the Holy See, about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation.

"I'm sure that Benedict saw the need for a renewal in the internal governance of the Church," she said. "When the pope resigns, it brings an immediate renewal."
- ‘He Has No Longer the Strength’

9. Later that month, James K.A. Smith wrote this about the common good:

To say you know what is good for people is pretty much the very definition of paternalism. So why not be honest about that and sign up for it?
- 'You'll Thank Me Later': Paternalism and the Common Good

8. And our friend Kyle Bennett considered artists as images of the Creator: 

I've seen many an artist question their calling and practice of an artistic task simply because they feel like they lack for both a theological ground for it, and for a Christian community to encourage and support them in it.
- God for Artists and Artists for God

7. Ray Sawatzky outlined three essential questions on freedom of speech in Canada, following the Supreme Court's Whatcott decision.

The Courts' decision itself is as convoluted as the history of the case, and rings alarm bells for those concerned with protecting freedom of speech and belief.
- Reconsidering Limitations on Free Speech in Canada

6. And in the wake of the Calgary floods in June, Ray Pennings reflected on his hometown.

As someone who spends his days promoting the importance of the institutions that make up our social architecture, seeing them work well in trying times is inspiring.
- Reflections from the Calgary Flood Plain

Look for the rest of our countdown tomorrow.