The newest collection of U.S. data for the esteemed Cardus Education Survey will be released next week.

The release will take place at the CUNY Institute for Education Policy at Roosevelt House, New York, New York, from 5:30-7:45pm on September 10, 2014. The event will feature Cardus's Ray Pennings, along with Sean Corcoran of New York University; Kathy Jamil, founder of Islamic School's League of America; and Ashley Berner of the CUNY Institute for Education Policy. To register, visit the CUNY Institute for Education Policy website.

The Cardus Education Survey answers the question: "Do Christian schools deliver on their promises?" The inaugural Cardus Education Survey reported on the largest-ever sample of Christian school graduates and administrators in North America, focusing on students' spiritual formation, cultural engagement, and academic development. This new iteration of the study will substantiate the existing data while offering new insights and additional spaces to consider in the future.