I am a late adapter. To Twitter anyway. Slow learner 4 sure.

Can't quite figure it out. Don't want to say that though. Afraid will look like old fuddy-duddy. And face social exclusion. Worse, euthanized as no lngr prdctv member of society. Stream of consciousness. Know every thought that has ever. Popped into Andrew Coyne's head. Or emerged from Kady O'Malley's fingertips. Know what technology they like. Know they are friends. Coyne disses Blackberry. Probably CFL football 2. All the popular kids in TO hate Canadian stuff. Afraid to mention have RIM product. And a PC. Where's delete?

Don't want to be 2 critical. Everyone cool likes Twitter. We can all pretend we're Jesus. Or Mohammed. Or Moses. Or Julian Assange. We Tweeters don't have friends. We have followers. Wish I had more. Feel like kid who just moved into town from Rankin Inlet. Everyone on Twitter has opinions/belly buttons. Some even have facts. Maybe Rguments 2. Hard to say when U can only think in 140 characters or less.

Xclnt venue for slagging. Also get to see how famous people think. Was a little famous once myself. Now that people know. How famous people think. No one will ever be famous again.

Very democratic. Kady is in an airport someplace. Stephen Taylor had nice dinner thanks to friends. I know Kady. I know Stephen. They have many, many followers. I don't. Makes me feel bad. Bet they don't remember they know me. Wish I had followers. Like Jesus. Or Moses. Or Kady O'Malley. Who probably doesn't remember me. She doesn't follow met. Moses never got to Promised Land. Some people think he did. No one talks about Moses. On Twitter. Guessing though, that they are religious Tweeters out there. Twitter saved democracy in Egypt. And Tunisia. Wonder how democracy is blooming. In Tunis this spring. Don't know though. Too much information out there. Must learn how to tweet in Egyptian. So I can get. Solid information. From peeps I dunno. Have no reason 2 trust. And will never meet. Where's delete? That sounded harsh. I've been 2 Tunis. Smells like jasmine. And sweat. Last slave was sold in bazaar there sometime in 1950s. Twitter is restoring democracy to Tunisia. Go Bruins. Someone just said that.

Tweeted Sunday after going to church. People will know I am righteous dude. And prefer church in a Scottish accent. The way it should be. If I say. Church was invented by Scotsmen often enough. On Twitter. Everyone will believe me. Except maybe for some Catholics. Does Holy Father Tweet? Did that sound sarcastic? Where's delete? Quick. Quick. Twitter makes me anxious. Remember being on TV once. Colleague said he hated TV. We build reputations over lifetime. TV he said could destroy them in 7 seconds. Twitter kills you faster than that. If people want 2. Someone can turn the mob on U. Then U R dead. Very democratic.

Senior journo tweet indicates absence of knowledge. That certain Prime Minister of Canada ever existed. Name sounded gross. Now they know. In the future. No one will be famous. Our ignorance is naked. Luv Twitter. Follow me.