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  • The Pornification of Sex-Ed

    Deborah Rankin

    As Quebec and Ontario grapple with the formation of their sex education curricula, some activists have noticed how pornography has permeated culture—including sex-ed. Culture Reframed, a free online parent program, seeks to build resilience and resistance in children and adolescents to hypersexualized media and porn. 

  • We've Got to Talk

    Ray Pennings

    Recently, Convivium has run columns rebutting accusations of discrimination against an independent Christian school in Surrey, B.C. Today, Cardus Executive Vice-President Ray Pennings unveils research showing religious schools are needed precisely because faithful North Americans have deep misgivings about government-run schools harming spiritual formation.  

  • The Beam of Christian Schooling

    Barry Bussey

    Attacking faith-based institutions for upholding codes of conduct ignores the Charter, violates the spirit of pluralism, and risks undermining religious freedom, argues lawyer Barry Bussey.

  • Association Not Discrimination

    Albertos Polizogopoulos

    A B.C. faith-based school’s dismissal of a teacher for sexual conduct contrary to its standards is neither shocking nor discriminatory, notes Ottawa constitutional lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos. In fact, he says, it’s protected by Charter of Rights rulings that date back to 1984.  

  • The Old College Try

    Edward Tingley

    With the Supreme Court’s recent affront to Trinity Western University, questions abound about the future of Christian higher education. Edward Tingley, dean of Ottawa’s Augustine College, argues for return to the roots of what philosopher Russell Kirk called “the oldfangled” college.

  • Rozema Awards Celebrate Excellent Educators

    Most teachers want their students to be excellent. But what does that mean? Convivium is proud to share videos created to learn more about the invaluable work of the winners and nominees of the 2018 John Rozema Teacher Excellence Awards.

  • Fixing Canada’s Costco Colleges

    Bethany Osborne and Perry Glanzer

    Two compelling voices from academia respond to Cardus’s senior researcher Doug Sikkema’s critique of university administrations. What do you think? Is your experience that the god of market has turned our colleges into an educational version of Costco? Let us know.

  • Here Comes the 24/7 Classroom

    Peter Stockland

    Once primarily a tradition of older students helping young students having academic difficulties, tutoring has exploded into a billion dollar profession in Canada. Estimates show a third of Canadian parents will turn to tutoring for their children. In cross-country conversation with educational experts, Convivium's Peter Stockland explores how the change might alter our very concept of schooling.

  • Clear Numbers For School Choice

    Beth Green

    Beth Green, program director for Cardus Education, tells Convivium’s Peter Stockland that Angus Reid polling data released today show Canadians overwhelmingly support public funding of faith-based schooling

  • An Image of Freedom

    Dayna Slusar with Renae Regehr

    Convivium contributor Dayna Slusar talks to the founder of Free To Be about helping young people understand their bodies are gifts from God, not dependent on social media judgements

  • Treating College Like Costco

    Doug Sikkema

    Doug Sikkema, senior researcher at Cardus and the managing editor of our sister publication Comment, argues that until we know what higher education is for, we’ll have difficulty protecting those who toil within it

  • Defending Trinity’s Right To Exist

    Evan Menzies

    Tomorrow’s Supreme Court of Canada’s hearing on Trinity Western University should engage all Canadians confronted by the State’s chipping away at fundamental Charter rights, warns alumnus Evan Menzies.

  • Trinity’s Fight For Religious Freedom

    Bob Kuhn

    On Nov. 30, Trinity Western University will argue in the Supreme Court of Canada for its right to operate a law school from evangelical Christian principles. Recently, the school’s President Bob Kuhn advised a Commons’ committee studying Islamophobia to look at the systemic discrimination suffered by TWU if they want to see anti-religious bigotry in action.

  • Education’s Most Excellent Love

    Beth Green, with Diane Stronks, Elco Vandergrift

    As Cardus partners with the global organization EduDeo to add a prize for Excellence in Global Perspective Teaching to its annual John Rozema Teacher Excellence Awards, Education Program Director Beth Green asks veteran educators Diane Stronks and Elco Vandergrift about the difference Christian love can make in the world’s classrooms.

  • 100 Years of Fortitude

    Raymond J. de Souza

    Convivium's editor in chief Father Raymond J. de Souza marks the anniversary of both the Sacred Heart of Mary parish and Queen's University's "Newman Club." 

  • Campus Violence And Moral Community

    James R. Vanderwoerd

    While everyone should be concerned by sexual violence at North American universities, writes Professor James R. Vanderwoerd, his newly published research indicates the best answer to toxic masculinity is cultivation of moral communities on campus.

  • Three Back To School Essentials

    Beth Green

    As parents jot down to-do lists for their kids’ return to school, Cardus Director of Education Beth Green sets out her top priorities for educational success.

  • Physically Metaphysical

    Joe Mroz

    What ideology underpins our modern ways of thinking? What impact does that have in human flourishing? Fr. Joe Mroz examines the relationship between the way we think and the philosophy that brought us here.

  • Distinctly Quebec Education

    Beth Green

    Analyzing data from the Cardus Education Survey, program director Beth Green fills Convivium readers in on the “distinct, positive advantages” of religious schools in Quebec. Find the link to the original research in the article.