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Breanne Valerie

Breanne is a member of St.Peter’s Fireside Church. She spends her days in Social Work and is passionate about social justice in our city and world. She relishes wandering outdoors, thinks the world is a happy place if there are ice cream and good thrift stores, and she enjoys a good dance party. 

Bio last modified July 11th, 2018.
Articles by Breanne Valerie
  • Holy Days of Humility

    Breanne Valerie

    In the last of her series exploring her efforts to live out a different Benedictine rule every month, Convivium contributor Breanne Valerie finds the great saint’s directive for attaining true humility centre simply, but never easily, on how we see ourselves in relation to God.

  • Minimalist of All Minimalists

    Breanne Valerie

    Since December, Convivium contributor Breanne Valerie has been adopting one of St. Benedict’s principles each month and reporting on its impact on her personal life. This month she goes back to the roots of minimalism as a spiritual tool, guiding us beyond this principle’s Instagrammable possibilities, and revealing the heart of the practice – to lead us back to God.

  • A 21 Psalm Salute

    Breanne Valerie

    When Breanne Valerie first agreed to experience what it might mean to live according to the Rule of St. Benedict in the twenty-first century, she didn't anticipate that she might be faced with the daunting task of reading approximately 21 Psalms a day. Discover how her encounter with the Psalms became a treasured practice. 

  • Lent All Year Long

    Breanne Valerie

    In the third of her series exploring the Rule of St. Benedict. Breanne Valerie discovers the founder of the Benedictine order saw Lenten practice as an every day event.

  • The Wash Of Silence

    Breanne Valerie

    In her continuing series for Convivium seeking to put into daily life the lessons of the Rule of Saint Benedict, writer Breanne Valerie learns from stillness why God is a Person of few words

  • The Benedict Adventure

    Breanne Valerie

    One of the most controversial books of 2017 was Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option, which was criticized by many as advocating Christian retreat from the secular world. Convivium has asked writer Breanne Valerie to live out the monastic Rule of St. Benedict in her daily life as a busy social worker and Vancouverite.


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