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Andrew Bennett

The Rev. Dr. Andrew P.W. Bennett is Program Director for Cardus Law. He is an ordained
deacon in the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in the Eparchy (Diocese) of Toronto and
Eastern Canada. Read More ›

Bio last modified February 21st, 2018.
Articles by Andrew Bennett
  • Will the State Hug Me When I Die?

    Andrew Bennett

    Father Deacon Andrew Bennett, director of the Cardus law program, argues Canadians of religious faith must be left free to choose what procedures their healthcare institutions provide. 

  • Living A Different Answer

    Andrew Bennett

    Father Deacon Andrew Bennett, director of Cardus Law, celebrates Christmas with hundreds of Millennials  who respond to old holiday questions with a new zeal for Truth

  • Enriched By Difference

    Andrew Bennett

    The following is the testimony that Cardus Senior Fellow Andrew Bennett delivered this afternoon before the Standing Committee of the House of Commons on Canadian Heritage as it studies Motion-103 on combating Islamophobia.

  • Privileged Conversation

    Peter Stockland with Andrew Bennett

    North American politics are consumed by new variations on the old debate about privilege, and consequent inequality and oppression. Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland and Andrew Bennett, program director for Cardus Law, sat down in Ottawa’s Moscow Tea Room to hash out the meaning of the words.

  • Believing in Cities

    Andrew Bennett

    In this final text from the Cardus’ What Makes a Good City forum, Andrew Bennett for reviving the spirit of urbi et orbi – the city and the world – by which religious traditions have made beauty and comfort integral to our urban lives.

  • City On A Hill

    Andrew Bennett

    As Cardus hosts the What Makes A Good City panel discussion in our Ottawa office June 1, Andrew Bennett sees signs of human dignity in the message of a homeless man on the streets of the nation’s capital.

  • To Differ Without Deferring

    Andrew Bennett

    Addressing the Our Whole Society interfaith conference at St. Paul University in Ottawa, Cardus’ Andrew Bennett argues genuine pluralism ensures freedom to differ without any obligation to defer.

  • Cardus Law: You, Me, Community

    Peter Stockland and Andrew Bennett

    With the release of a new research paper this week exploring relations between law, faith and government, and with planning underway for launch of a new religious freedom institute later this year, Cardus Law Program Director Andrew Bennett took time to catch up with publisher Peter Stockland and discuss the critical balance between individual and institutional faith rights. 

  • Murders and Meaning

    Andrew Bennett

    In the wake of the homicidal attack on a mosque in suburban Quebec City at the end of January, Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland spoke with Cardus’ Andrew Bennett, Canada’s former ambassador for religious freedom, about the cultural signs such violence illuminates. Bennett is blunt: Canada has a religion problem. 

  • Defending a Foundational Freedom

    Andrew Bennett

    Andrew Bennett, Canada’s former Ambassador for Religious Freedom and now Cardus Senior Fellow, argues for the need to recognise the foundational nature of freedom of religion and conscience in our society and its link to our common life.  

  • The Muscular Solidarity of Truth

    Andrew Bennett

    Such persecution as ISIS’ targeting of Christians and other religious communities in Iraq and Syria demands a response to the question. Likewise the persistence of hate, often lurking below the surface of our own society, must be exposed to the light. In both contexts the response offered cannot be merely words but an active one that manifests first solidarity with the oppressed, then sustained, robust, and remedial actions, humanitarian and otherwise, to defeat hatred and the deep woundedness it engenders. Hate, as with all evil, is a privation of the good; it is utterly barren and cannot create. It can only destroy. Yet, a true solidarity that is nurtured and continually furthered within our society exposes this barrenness and can thwart hate, creating a society always oriented towards the common good.

  • Acts of Faith in Canada

    Andrew Bennett

    Last May, Canada’s former ambassador for religious freedom, Andrew Bennett, addressed the launch of Cardus’ Ottawa hub for Faith in Canada 150. The initiative brings to the national capital the presence of an interfaith movement to celebrate Canada’s religious traditions – past, present and future.

  • "My Faith is Me"

    Andrew Bennett with Peter Stockland

    Completing his second year as Canada's Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Andrew Bennett tells Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland he couldn't do the job without the religious faith he brings to daily life


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