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Andrea Mrozek

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Bio last modified April 25th, 2017.
Articles by Andrea Mrozek
  • #YourBudget Does You No Favours

    Andrea Mrozek

    The federal budget released this week purports to give women a hand up when in reality it gives men the brush off, contends Cardus Family Program Director Andrea Mrozek.

  • Unmarried With Children

    Peter Stockland with Andrea Mrozek, Peter Jon Mitchell

    Cardus Family has unearthed a startling new statistic: fewer than two-thirds of Canadian children now have married parents. Program director Andrea Mrozek and senior researcher Peter Jon Mitchell tell Convivium how they discovered the number, and what it means for Canadian family life.

  • Spice of Life

    Andrea Mrozek

    Even in the industrial décor aisles of Costco, Cardus Family director Andrea Mrozek discovers, lurk hopeful encounters able to produce a lifetime of meaning.

  • Eight Myths of Choice

    Andrea Mrozek

    In this talk to a group of interns on Parliament Hill last week, Cardus Family program director Andrea Mrozek offered a new way to see familiar pro-choice arguments

  • More Than Harvey’s Secret Is Out

    Andrea Mrozek

    Revelations of his serial predations brought Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein low this week. But Cardus’ Andrea Mrozek warns everything from our relationships to our shopping malls are afflicted by the corruption he represents.

  • Waiting Women

    Andrea Mrozek

    Andrea Mrozek hears recent media clamour about women having to wait too long for abortions and wonders why there are no voices concerned for women who must wait, endlessly wait, just to conceive a beloved child.

  • Bubble Trouble

    Andrea Mrozek, Ruth Shaw

    A potential bubble zone in front of an Ottawa abortion clinic won’t change minds on either side of the issue, but it will affront Charter-protected free speech and freedom of association, argue Andrea Mrozek and Ruth Shaw.

  • Avenues of Absent Children

    Andrea Mrozek

    In the second of our series from Cardus’ What Makes A Good City forum, Andrea Mrozek ponders the intersection of the hotel-style condo and the empty playground in her own neighbourhood.

  • The Empty Daycare Dilemma

    Andrea Mrozek

    Data obtained by Cardus Family shows a shocking number of subsidized daycare spots sit empty even as the federal government, Ontario and Toronto promise billions of tax dollars to create even more.  

  • At the Heart of Health, Continued

    Andrea Mrozek

    In the second installment of a two part article, Cardus Family's Andrea Mrozek sits down with Dr. Sue Johnson, creator of a highly effective strategy for relationship repair called Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy and author of several books, among them Hold Me Tight (2008) and Love Sense (2013).  Together, they discuss attachment, health, and relationship. .

  • At The Heart of Health

    Andrea Mrozek

    Cardus Family's Andrea Mrozek sits down with Dr. Sue Johnson, creator of a highly effective strategy for relationship repair called Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy and author of several books, among them Hold Me Tight (2008) and Love Sense (2013), to learn about a cutting-edge approach to emotional relationships and physical well being at the Ottawa Heart Institute. .

  • Web of Lies About Families

    Andrea Mrozek

    Cardus Family Director Andrea Mrozek raises concern over a website that brings people together to co-parent, without being in a relationship or living under the same roof.

  • The Tyrant’s Helpers

    Andrea Mrozek

    There can be no dispute: Castro ruled Cuba as a tyrant. He murdered and stole and viciously repressed opposition. And he never could have done it alone. Who are these people?

  • Hogwash on the Glass Ceiling

    Andrea Mrozek

    Hogwash. One particular woman lost the Presidency, not womankind. We can and should parse the results of this election—devastating as the whole campaign was for Democrats, for Republicans, for all people of goodwill. But there are mountain ranges of factors that outweigh sexism.

  • When Four Good is Too Bad

    Andrea Mrozek

    Supporters of the bill say this is about equality for gay and lesbian families, who by default, when they conceive children, must involve another person of the opposite sex. Adopting their own children would be something akin to what heterosexual step-parents needed to do: paperwork and forms when a family comes together. Though this is a real difficulty, it’s one that might be better facilitated by reducing obstacles to adoption rather than Bill 28’s sweeping approach. Here’s the thing: equality for adults is not the only factor to consider. We need to ask whether facilitating up to four legal parents is fair to children.

  • There's a life at the heart of the matter

    Andrea Mrozek

    There's some irony in the passing away of Dr. Henry Morgentaler. Regrettably, Morgentaler, whose name will forever be connected with opening Canada up to abortion on demand, cannot be celebrated. Making abortion mainstream is something few can celebrate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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