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Alida Thomas

Based in Vancouver, BC, Alida Oegema serves as a labour relations representative for CLAC. She is an avid photographer, marathon runner, and community organizer. 

Bio last modified June 14th, 2019.
Articles by Alida Thomas
  • The Bittersweet Space of Goodbye

    Alida Thomas

    It takes faith not only to grab hold of things, but to let things go, reflects Alida Oegema. As she prepares to leave Canada's West coast for a new city and a new beginning, she writes on the ways she sees God leading, sustaining, and surrounding her and her husband-to-be.

  • Elfin Lakes

    Alida Thomas

    In the midst of noise: calm. In the midst of frenzy: space. In the midst of ambition and movement and work: rest.