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Don Hutchinson

Don is the author of Under Siege: Religious Freedom and the Church in Canada at 150 (1867–2017). An alumni of Queen's University in Kingston and the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, Don has been a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada since 1990. Not coincidentally, he is also a long time member and former board chair of Canada's Christian Legal Fellowship. Read More ›

Bio last modified August 3rd, 2018.
Articles by Don Hutchinson
  • Divesting Diversity of Meaning

    Don Hutchinson

    Canadians have developed a swelling pride about creating a country where respect for difference is key to the national spirit. But in this deep dive into what we mean by diversity, Ottawa writer Don Hutchinson says recent developments risk draining the concept of any common understanding.

  • Justin's Pipe Smoke

    Don Hutchinson

    Prime Minister Trudeau must clear the air with Canadians about his government funding anti-pipeline activists while at the same time violating religious freedoms by denying church charities summer job funding, writes Convivium contributor Don Hutchinson.

  • Speaking Grace To Political Power

    Don Hutchinson

    As Oprah urges us to speak truth to power, a Canadian Coptic bishop teaches us to speak with powerful grace by correcting Justin Trudeau's mockery of Christians, Don Hutchinson writes

  • Disorder in the House

    Don Hutchinson

    Ottawa lawyer and writer Don Hutchinson argues two government measures now making their way through the House of Commons are so contradictory they show the Liberal left hand doesn’t know what the Liberal right hand is doing when it comes to religious freedom.

  • Pastor Lim’s Ray Of Light

    Don Hutchinson

    Last Sunday’s return of Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim to his Toronto church from a North Korean jail cell shows the power of proclaiming the Gospel even in the midst of a political war of words, writes Convivium contributor Don Hutchinson.

  • The Khadr Smokescreen

    Don Hutchinson

    Ottawa author Don Hutchinson says Canadians should stop reacting emotionally to the Omar Khadr settlement, and start asking critical questions about the political secrecy around it.

  • Alberta Chill For Public Prayer

    Don Hutchinson

    Convivium contributor Don Hutchinson, B.A., J.D. reports on the Pembina Hills school district decision to end their recitation of the Lord's Prayer in the face of a human rights complaint. 

  • The Terminus of Tolerance

    Don Hutchinson

    In distorting legal tradition to accommodate same-sex marriage a decade ago, writes Don Hutchinson, Canadian courts may have signed the death certificate for our understanding of true tolerance as well


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