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Deborah Rankin

Deborah Rankin is a journalist living in Montreal.

Bio last modified April 30th, 2018.
Articles by Deborah Rankin
  • Beating the Traffick

    Deborah Rankin

    During the last years of the Harper era, parliamentarians of all stripes worked in non-partisanship to combat human trafficking. Yet as Montreal writer Deborah Rankin learns from experts, and writes in this two-part Convivium series, all that political energy produced depressingly few benefits for young women trapped in the sex trade. 

  • Parenting, Interrupted

    Deborah Rankin

    Just when society has settled in to the reality and implications of surrogate parenthood, the adult children of medical conception are speaking out against it, Deborah Rankin writes

  • Beyond the "A" Word

    Deborah Rankin

    Looking at two models of maternal health care being developed in Montreal, Deborah Rankin discovers a path beyond the morass of moral debate – and a way to do what’s best for mom and baby, too.


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