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Josh Reinders

Josh Reinders interned at Cardus for the summer of 2012. He will be joining Cardus for the second time. He is currently studying Honours Political Science at McMaster University. The undergrad degree he is working towards gave him a keen interest in politics and the desire to pursue it further with Cardus. Josh will be working on the Work and Economics, specifically focusing on Construction Policy within Ontario and Canada. Read More ›

Articles by Josh Reinders
  • Myth-making

    Josh Reinders

    Indeed, as Tolkien recognized, our desire to create is one of the ways we are made in God's image. And while this desire can be twisted just like any other, we are tasked to bring glory to God through the things we create. From children building with Lego, to landlords building quality stairwells, to architects designing massive complexes or engineers imagining innovative vehicles, our ability to create is a gift bestowed, and a responsibility imbued.

  • False Hopes and Dreams

    Josh Reinders

    While the majority of the 211 players drafted will not make the big stage, a few will make an impact and maybe a handful will play a game that will allow them to be a part of the NHL elite. Does this small probability of success mean that the players shouldn't even try or that they should give up because they are unlikely to be the best, to be special?

  • Healthy, Wealthy, Respawning

    Josh Reinders

    The discussion was centered on the digital economy, and specifically the gaming industry. Topics included women in video games, why video games are successful, and how video games can be used in conjunction with the health industry. The talk piqued my interest, as I often enjoy the pleasure of playing video games.

  • Broken Union

    Josh Reinders

    On the surface, a student protest is impractical, by definition. How do students have leverage over a government, especially enough to paralyze that government into making concessions to them? They aren't employees bringing a valuable skill to an employer, so how do they effect change? And their form of protest is . . . skipping class? I do that too, but usually I do it with the knowledge that I'm losing valuable learning time and paying the university to not teach me. I'm not hurting the university by playing hooky, I'm hurting myself.

  • Doomed to Repeat the Past?

    Josh Reinders

    And yet I can't help but look at the news in recent months and years and think that we may be headed on a path similar to one of the very darkest points in our history, World War II. The recent tragedy in Oslo, Norway that saw an extremist right-wing terrorist blow up a government building and attack a youth camp is evidence of a much larger and disturbing trend in Europe and the wider world.

  • The book industry is fine

    Josh Reinders

    So is the print industry slowly dying and transitioning towards the internet? When one looks into the numbers a little deeper, a different story emerges. While overall print sales fell, the numbers were skewed towards those pesky paperbacks. Adult mass market paperback sales fell 30 percent compared to a fall for hardcovers of only 11 percent.


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