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John Walsh

A retired priest in Montreal, Father John Walsh is the author of God Is Calling: Don’t Leave Him On Hold and is a high-profile figure in the city’s interfaith and media circles.

Bio last modified May 24th, 2018.
Articles by John Walsh
  • Remembering Bishop Ruiz

    John Walsh

    Ordinary women and men grow to be leaders. The examples are too many to list. No one is hard-wired to become a leader. The experiences of life are their greatest teacher. So it was with Bishop Samuel Ruiz.

  • Listen for the Whisper

    John Walsh

    In a reflection on a groundbreaking Vatican document on relations between Jews and Catholics, Father John Walsh finds renewed understanding that, despite millennia of often barbarous hostility, the children of the Old and New Covenants share one path toward one God

  • Out of Slavery

    John Walsh

    Looking at the black church in North America and placing its history alongside Pope Francis' new encyclical Laudato si´, the author hears the call for freedom coming from the heart of Christian faith.


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