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Jonathan Wellum

Jonathan Wellum has a distinguished career in the financial industry, holding various positions including his present role as the CEO and CIO of RockLinc Investment Partners Inc. He was formerly the CEO and CIO of AIC Limited. He has twice been recognized as Fund Manager of the Year and in 1999, was recognized as one of the "top 40 under 40." Read More ›

Bio last modified November 28th, 2011.
Articles by Jonathan Wellum
  • Rescuing the Indebted and Imprudent

    Jonathan Wellum

    In Canada, personal debt as a percentage of income has risen from 50% in 1970 to over 165% today. Governments have fared no better. Debt to GDP ratios within the OECD countries has skyrocketed from 40% in 1970 to over 110% in 2012. These levels of debt are unprecedented during times of peace and purported prosperity! When you pile on the unfunded liabilities or promises governments have made (for example, in the United States), the ratio of debt to GDP explodes beyond 300%.

  • When Teachers are Less than Exemplary

    Jonathan Wellum

    This lack of funding is clearly displayed within our public service sector. Over the past five decades the public service sector has, with the complicity of government and powerful unions, increased the value of their benefits (pensions and health care) to levels that are totally unsustainable. . .

  • Government Policies Drive Wealth Inequalities

    Jonathan Wellum

    The source of this disparity is certainly not risk-taking capitalism. Competition amongst market participants, which delivers to customers the products and services they want at the most cost-effective prices, benefits everyone. How can self-sacrificing business people focused on the long term be anything but a boon to the economy, and to the pocket books of all productive citizens? No, the disparity is not caused by the savers and investors in our economy, the ones who create and provide the real capital and the long-term wealth creation.

  • The Problem with the Zero Interest Rate Policy

    Jonathan Wellum

    The US Federal Reserve, the most important and influential central bank, has made its objective clear: keep short-term interest rates at this near-zero level through late 2014. If this goal is fulfilled, the total period of time in which the major economies in the world have operated at a near zero rate policy will have lasted six years. This is an unprecedented, extraordinary, and dangerous policy on the part of central banks.

  • Time to Stop Doubling Down on Short-termism

    Jonathan Wellum

    Simply stated, none of these jurisdictions have a hope of ever paying down even a portion of their accumulated liabilities, with non-debased money. They are each so strapped with debt and entitlement that none of them can currently service their interest (despite rates being close to zero), without borrowing more money or resorting to the printing press.


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