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Michael Van Pelt

Michael Van Pelt, President and CEO of Cardus, a public policy think tank, has more than 20 years of experience in public life, including advocacy with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the Chamber of Commerce and serving as a municipal Councillor. Since 2000, Michael has helped build Cardus into a full-fledged think tank, delivering research that is public, credible and Christian. He continues to consult widely and undertake advisory work, helping institutions strategically connect their beliefs with their behaviours. Read More ›

Bio last modified August 29th, 2017.
Articles by Michael Van Pelt
  • Changing Politics for a Changed Country

    Michael Van Pelt

    Saying “government should not” is as simplistic as saying “government should” if there is nothing else that follows. Yes, conservatives believe in limited government. But this requires more than arithmetic requiring the size of government. What government should do, it should do well and enough resources need to be dedicated to those tasks.

  • Tribute to Jim Flaherty

    Michael Van Pelt

    I am sad today. I am thinking of Jim's three young boys (men in their early twenties) who no longer have their father at their side to give them courage and to pass on wisdom and to love them. I am thinking of Christine and the boys three months from now when the undercurrent of grief will tempt despondency, meaninglessness, and anger to knock at the door.

  • Can We Have Subsidiarity Without the Regulation?

    Michael Van Pelt

    Yet how does this all work? What prevents confusion from reigning? Two things: government regulation and the power of culture. The mirror of the devolution of responsibilities to business, government, educational, and social partners is a huge and rather onerous system of regulations. . . . . . . .

  • My 2013 Top Ten

    Michael Van Pelt

    And I'm very pleased to offer my own highlights of Cardus's year, as the grateful president of this enthusiastic young outfit. I won't try to be comprehensive—that's what our yearbook is for. Rather, let me share a few of the items that I'm most excited about.

  • The great issue of our day

    Michael Van Pelt

    The great issue of our day is whether we can order our world with flourishing institutions apart from government and markets. This is the key question behind the very taxing challenge facing the Houe of Commons Standing Committee on Finance today. As tax tools go, Canada's charitable tax credit is one of the most successful ever implemented.

  • The Conversation

    Michael Van Pelt

    On the cusp of launching a new publication to further the organization's mission of renewing Canada's social architecture, Cardus President Michael Van Pelt sat down with Convivium to explain the objectives for this venture and its overall purpose in the Canadian public policy sphere.


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