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Nigel Hannaford

Nigel Hannaford is a former newspaper executive and member of the Calgary Herald editorial board. From 2009 to 2015, he managed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speechwriting department. Hannaford earned a BSc in political and international studies from Southampton (England) University in 1969.

Bio last modified April 30th, 2019.
Articles by Nigel Hannaford
  • David Toycen

    Nigel Hannaford

    Over his 42-year career with World Vision Canada, David Toycen led the organization to raise more than $4 billion to assist some of the world’s most vulnerable children, families and communities. 

  • Edward Byfield

    Nigel Hannaford

    Edward Byfield is an Albertan writer, publisher, and educator well-known for his influence and unique leadership style. Fewer, perhaps, know that he once hid in an air-conditioning duct to uncover a municipal scam.