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Rachel DeBruyn

Rachel DeBruyn is an Administrative Assistant with Cardus, based in Ottawa. She graduated from Redeemer University with a BA in International Development (Honours) and English. She spent a semester studying at the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa. Read More ›

Bio last modified July 16th, 2018.
Articles by Rachel DeBruyn
  • The Greatest Shmaltz

    Rachel DeBruyn

    Convivium writer Rachel DeBruyn finds The Greatest Showman fails to exploit its richest asset: the outcasts who stepped from the shadows into the spotlight. Yet the film is salvaged by one curmudgeonly character getting at its would-be heart in an unexpected way.

  • Don’t Try This at Home

    Rachel DeBruyn

    From coliseums to Kardashians, watching questionable entertainment is nothing new. What is new is how little privacy we’ve come to expect from our stars – and ourselves.


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