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Rex Murphy

"I am sometimes asked how to get a "handle" on Newfoundland. The best route is simply to visit for a good while. The second best, and not as subject to the inclemencies and sadism of Torbay's volatile weather, is to visit the Dictionary of Newfoundland English . . . the finest, most scholarly (and enjoyable) compendium of Newfoundlandia that there is. Read More ›

Bio last modified February 25th, 2019.
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  • The Conversation: No Need to Shout

    Rex Murphy

    Any Canadian hearing Rex Murphy speak would guess at once he is from Newfoundland. No one treated to his upper-register vocabulary and literary phrasings would be surprised to know that he was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. The combination is perhaps why the journalistic icon remains almost shockingly personable and engaging.