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Stephanie Schoenhoff

Stephanie Schoenhoff was a Researcher at Cardus 2015-2016. She is a recent graduate of Western University with an Honours Specialization in Media and the Public Interest. Throughout her undergraduate career in the Faculty of Information Media Studies, Stephanie focused on research at the intersection of human rights, Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), and global political economy. Stephanie's passion for community engagement led her to serve on the Faculty of Information Media Studies Students' Council in various roles such as Vice President Academic and President. Read More ›

Bio last modified May 9th, 2018.
Articles by Stephanie Schoenhoff
  • Two Wings of One Bird

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    “Science and religion are two wings of the same bird,” says Dr. Mehran Anvari, a Baha’i Canadian and one of the world’s leading telerobotic surgeons. 

  • The Conversation: Solitary Talks with God

    Marina Nemat with Stephanie Schoenhoff

    As a political prisoner in Iran, where she was kept in solitary confinement and narrowly escaped execution, Marina Nemat says she discovered the reason God is a great storyteller. "He let's us," she says in conversation with Convivium's Stephanie Schoenhoff, "tell our own stories."

  • A Vocation of Peace

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    After a long career in labour law, Rabbi Shalom Schachter got his rabbinical ordination 11 years ago. In both careers, his vocation has always been that of a peacemaker. Read his story here. 

  • Communication for All

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is a global human rights organization based in Toronto. Read about their work at the UN implementing interfaith humanitarian and development aid. 

  • The Witness Blanket

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    On a recent visit to Winnipeg, I toured the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) with Dr. Clint Curle, Senior Advisor to the President of CMHR. As we visited, we discussed how religious freedom is explored by the museum’s curators. More specifically, we looked at the tensions that exist between competing rights and privileges in Canada and across the globe. 

  • Positive in Spirit

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    Stephanie Schoenhoff sat down with Andrea Nemtin, Executive Director of Inspirit Foundation to talk about religious pluralism in Canada. Read the interview here.

  • Henri Nouwen's Journey to Toronto

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    Henri Nouwen's spiritual walk was travelled on the road to Richmond Hill after two decades teaching in the Ivy Leagues. Learn more about his life and works through the words of Karen Pascall, Executive Director of the Henri Nouwen Society in Toronto. 

  • Canada's First Mosque

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    Canada’s first Mosque, Al Rashid, is a not just a piece of history. Today, it’s a vibrant community in Edmonton that brings together thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims alike each year.

  • And You Shall Love

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    Danny Richmond loves his job. He works at Ve'ahavta, a Jewish philanthropic organization in Toronto which promotes positive change in the lives of people marginalized by poverty. Read how his job inspires him daily to do acts of tikun olam.

  • We Need to Talk

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    We sat down with Azim Shamshiev, Executive Vice President of Intercultural Dialogue Institute GTA to talk about the long-term impact of interfaith conversation, and the Canadian opportunity for interfaith circles. 

  • The Art of Conversation

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    Koffler Centre of the Arts in Toronto fosters inter-cultural dialogue through contemporary art. Read how the Jewish cultural organization sparks public conversation on some of life's most important questions. 

  • Hope Amid Suffering

    Stephanie Schoenhoff

    The Sick Kids' Chaplaincy program has come alongside families experiencing suffering for decades. Anglican Chaplain, Michael Marshall, talks to us about his role in the hospital, and having the grace to be silent.