(Re: Jim Flaherty, 64, dies at Ottawa home one month after resigning as finance minister)

I am sad today. I am thinking of Jim's three young boys (men in their early twenties) who no longer have their father at their side to give them courage and to pass on wisdom and to love them. I am thinking of Christine and the boys three months from now when the undercurrent of grief will tempt despondency, meaninglessness, and anger to knock at the door.

My favourite memories still are traveling with Jim in and out of living rooms all over southern Ontario packed full of people wanting to hear Jim's hopeful vision for Ontario. If Jim would call me tomorrow and say, "Michael, here is the next project I am tackling," I would do the same thing I did back then—go to work to get it done.

My family and I are proud of Jim Flaherty—the man and the ideas he believed in.


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